Stretch Lycra Tunnel

This quality 3 metre stretchy lycra tunnel is a great addition to a sensory tool kit, particularly for kids who need vestibular (movement) and deep pressure (proprioceptive) input as part of their sensory diet. This type of input can help to promote calmness, relaxation, attention and concentration. Resistance tunnels are fantastic for developing skills including motor planning, body awareness, bilateral co-ordination, core strength and gross motor skills. 

Can be used in many different ways including:  

- having your child crawl through it (this can be extra fun if they like to drive cars or trains through the tunnel!) This will offer medium resistance. 

- pushing a swiss ball through it (45 or 55 cm ball). This will offer heavier resistance.

- placing the lycra tunnel over a crash mat and having your child climb up and over it whilst crawling through the tunnel.

These Lycra Tunnels have four large handles (pictured) at each end for other children or adults to hold while a child crawls through the tunnel. The handles can also be hooked onto heavy furniture such as the legs of a dining room table, which means the activity can be done more independently as adult involvement is not required once the tunnel is set up. 

  • Made from quality breathable lycra (contains Latex)
  • Great deep pressure input
  • Size 3m long 
  • Available in green only