Routine Helper Wooden Visual Schedule

Second Scout's hands-on Routine Helper Wooden Visual Schedule makes everyday activities way more fun! Use as a visual for children to see and understand the routine of each day. Assist with planning, increasing independence and self esteem, while reducing anxiety and confusion about what's happening throughout the day.

The magnetic timber tiles are made especially for little hands - easy to grasp and also a breeze to wipe clean after an attack of the inevitable sticky fingers!

Flipping the tile over to reveal a star gives a sense of achievement, encourages responsibility, and provides positive reinforcement - all without bribing with chocolate!


  • Durable and easy to wipe clean
  • Made from sustainably sourced rubberwood
  • Printed & sealed with a non-toxic finish
  • 1 double-sided display stand
  • 20 double-sided magnetic tiles including:

Morning tiles - breakfast, bathroom, clean teeth, get dressed, brush hair, sunscreen, shoes on, snack, wash hands and lunch

Afternoon/night tiles - rest, snack, wash hands, dinner, bath / shower, pyjamas, clean teeth, bathroom, story time and sweet dreams

Looking for extra tiles to complete your set? Check out Second Scout's Wooden Magnetic Picture Tile Packs. Or, if you'd like to create your own customised visuals, blank tiles are also now available.

Please note:

Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years, or for those who tend to put things in their mouths. This product contains small magnet(s). Adult supervision is recommended. Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious infections and death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnet(s) are swallowed or inhaled.