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Kinderfeets Tiny Tot Plus Balance Bike

Patented, award winning balance bikes crafted from lacquered bamboo wood. Possibly the most beautiful balance bike you've ever seen. Ergonomically designed seat and handlebar position encourage good posture and maximise comfort.

The Tiny Tot Plus Balance Bikes convert from a 3 wheeled tricycle to a 2-wheel balance bike.

Designed for ages 18 months to 4 years, Kinderfeets Tiny Tot PLUS can assist young children start learning to ride with a tricycle and then concert to a 2 wheeled balance bike to allow for more independent riding on their own. 

The Seat height on the Tiny Tot Plus is adjustable and ranges from 25 cm to 34 cm. The Tiny Tot Plus features an extra wide base & 22.8cm tires for easy balance and the cushioned seat ensures comfort for your little ones. 

Suitable for children age 18 months and up and recommended for kids up to 4 years old, with a weight limit of 25 kg

Handmade with wood from fast-growing bamboo - which is a replenishable resource.