Balance Kit

Great little pack of balance equipment with varying degrees of difficulty which is ideal for building confidence and balance skills in young children.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x HART Balance Disc 

Excellent for balance, strength and rehabilitation exercises. Can be used on the floor for sitting, standing or balancing, or on a chair for sitting. Cushion can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the amount of air pressure in the cushion. 34cm diameter, green, bumpy on one side

  • 1 x HART Foam Balance Beam 
The Foam Balance Beam is super soft and has a comfortable feel which is ideal for general balance and stability exercises for all ages. The flat top makes it easy to walk on. Can be used narrow or wide side up depending on ability level. 95cm x 6cm x 11/19cm
  • 4 x HART Foot Pods (assorted colours  - may vary) 
Dome shaped pods improve dynamic balance, body awareness and co-ordination. Use the pods flat side down or up for varied levels of difficulty. Ideal for active play areas and sensory spaces for kids. A fun way to improve overall balance and agility. Pods are inflatable, so pressure can be regulated to suit individual needs. The pimple domed surface also provides grip for the feet to prevent slipping. 16cm (diameter) x 8cm (H)

Improve your fitness, skill and sense of balance. Features a reinforced plastic platform with an inflatable durable rubber ball. Colours may vary. Rock 'n' Hopper arrives deflated - can be inflated using a ball pump (not included). 37 cm (wide) x 29 cm (height) - Maximum user weight is 60 kg.

  • 1 x HART Balance Snake
Carefully tip toe your way along the snake's back. Great for adding extra fun to motor skill activities. Perfect tool for improving balance and coordination. 1.5 m long x 9.5 cm diameter.