Caterpillar Wall Game

This multifunctional wall toy now comes as a cute caterpillar. This game includes wire beads, rolling disc with sound and nice patterns, lock toy and turning gears. 

The body is divided into 5 parts which are easy to disassemble, install, and transport. There are different kinds of toy functions on each wooden board.  We know accidents happen, especially in group settings so what's great is if damaged, that individual part can be removed or changed.

This caterpillar features so many different things to explore. The learning opportunities are endless.

The eyes of the caterpillar can be flapped, so different expressions will be shown, cultivating children's emotional cognitive skills. Turn the discs on the second board to get amazing visual effects, different patterns will be seen under different rotation speeds.

On the third board, kids can learn about changing colours with different combinations of the three primary colours (red, yellow and blue).

Open the lock, different colours correspond to different materials (EVA, velcro, mirror, felt cloth, corrugated card). 

The last board is not an ordinary easy gear. Kids can combine different gear structures by themselves through the track, and make the gears link together. 

Several children can play with the caterpillar next to each other or together. This game encourages learning concepts like colours, while developing hand-eye coordination, social, and tactile / fine motor skills. 

A perfect and brilliant toy combination for schools, kindergartens, learning centres, and public areas. 


1.50  x 61.00 x 187.00 cm


9.50 kg