The Writing C.L.A.W.

C.L.A.W stands for Controlling Letters of Adolescent Writing. Build confidence by assisting students to develop correct grip / writing technique. The writing claw is easy to use - ensures correct finger position and creates a true tripod grip. It can fit right or left hands and is latex-free. 

Writing Claw Medium - Suitable for most primary school - aged children

Writing Claw Large - Suitable for older children / adolescents / adults e.g. 7th Grade - Adults

NOTE: the CLAW grip sizes are based on finger tip diameter and therefore age/grade ranges are just a guideline.

• Ensures correct finger position
• Revolutionary grip ensuring a true tripod grip
• Fits right or left hand
• Recommended by Occupational Therapists and teachers
• Latex free

Pencil not included. Manufacturer recommends for use with children aged 3 + years.