Cool Tools Anger Management Cards For Kids

Every child experiences anger, but not every child has the tools to navigate those strong emotions. Introducing Cool Tools our animal-themed collection of emotional regulation cards designed to address anger management for kids.

Recognizing that anger management for children is more than just calming down, Cool Tools provides teachable activities using proven emotional regulation strategies.

Cool Tools Anger Management Cards come in a pack of 42 cards. Each card features a fun animal character on the front and an easy-to-practice self-regulation technique on the back.

Meet engaging animal characters such as Claude the Cranky Crab, who learns to identify his body’s anger signals. Sanchez the Sloth teaches children the importance of rest. Lionel Lion learns about the importance of pressing pause, while Flip the Elephant learns how to let go of her angry feelings.

Cool Tools cards are colour-coded on the back into five self-regulation categories: resting, moving, sensing, expressing, and thinking. Each colour represents a specific skill set, making it easy to navigate through the range of 42 self-regulation activities.



Skill Building That’s Fun

With a unique blend of therapeutic techniques, our anger management cards transform emotional regulation strategies into a fun and interactive experience. Our cards foster genuine learning and skill mastery.

Backed by insights from neuroscience, mindfulness, sensory-motor, and cognitive behavioural approaches,  teachers, therapists and parents can trust their educational efficacy.

The Cool Tools anger management cards feature delightful animal characters such as Walter the Whale, Chloe the Cat and Minty the Monkey. Each card offers a practice activity that’s both engaging and educational for kids.

Perfect for Social-Emotional Learning

Beyond just anger control, cool tools use strategies including resting, moving,  sensing, expressing and thinking.  Colour-coded on the back of each card they are ideal for therapy sessions. A must-have tool for school counsellors and therapists eager to build kids’ social-emotional learning.


Julie Dini


Dealing in Feelings

Number of Pages:

45 Cards (including 3 instruction cards)

For Ages:

5 to 10 years


Laminated Card Stock