Emotional Regulation Resources Classroom Pack

The Emotional Regulation Resources Classroom Pack by Sensory Sensations is a fantastic value pre-packaged pack of 28 products to assist with self regulation. The kit can be used to promote anxiety management and provide calming tools for those who require soothing.

Ready to go, it has a great range of resources to suit different sensory preferences. This kit is perfect for classroom use. Ideal for kindergartens, schools and therapy clinics. There's something for everyone.

Looking for something a bit smaller, for an individual or small group? Check out our Regular Pack here.


  • 2x Atomic Bead Stress Ball
  • 2x Colour Change Stress Ball
  • 2x Squishy Dinosaur Ball
  • 2x Squeezy Mesh Stress Ball
  • 2x Hand Pressure Stress Toy
  • 2x Bendy Monkey
  • 1x Four Square Liquid Timer
  • 4x Marble Fidget Toy
  • 1x Rainbow Slinky
  • 2x Balance Bird
  • 4x Spinning Top
  • 1x Glitter Tube
  • 1x Colourful Kaleidoscope Projector Lamp
  • 1x Rainbow Pin Art
  • 1x Latex Crocodile Puppet

Colours and styles of products may vary between packs.