Fredrick The Friendly Fox

Never trust a fox, you say? In Fredrick the Friendly Fox, Fredrick shows us why it is important not to judge others — and how never to let our assumptions about others prevent us from making a new friend.

Fredrick is a lovely but misunderstood Fox. All his life, Fredrick has been been up against an unfortunate first impression held firmly in the minds of others..... everyone knows not to trust a fox!

Though Fredrick is wonderful and trustworthy, and really, very sweet – others simply won’t give him a chance. Fredrick struggles to break through this barrier, often being seen as the ‘other’, when all he really wants is to share his kind and caring nature with friends. Sometimes, this makes Fredrick feel invisible.

One day, Fredrick meets a wonderful possum who decides to look past this assumption. She realises that she really has no reason not to trust a fox — and even if she did, who’s to say Fredrick really is untrustworthy? The possum decides to give Fredrick a chance, and reaches out to get to know him.

What does this possum find in return? A wonderful, caring, and trustworthy best friend! The possum is ever so thankful, for the rest of her life, that she gave the lovely Fredrick a chance.

Accepting Differences

In Fredrick the Friendly Fox, Fredrick’s wonderful new possum friend shows us how we may form assumptions and judgments about others — for reasons that do not truly represent the individual.

This can happen when others seem different to us, or when we don’t understand them. When we make a conscious decision to overcome our own biases, we can get to know what others hold on the inside, and oftentimes, we’ll be overjoyed with what we find — just as the possum is.

Forming Friendships

Fredrick and the possum form a beautiful, close friendship. They value each other’s company, and treasure the unique qualities that make up their wonderful selves. Though a fox and a possum may appear to be opposites, they find a way to overcome and celebrate their differences, forming a best-friendship that brings lifelong happiness and joy.



Elissa de Waard


Fredrick the Fox

Number of Pages:

34 pages

For Ages: 

4-8 years old