Kids Hanging Tear Drop Pod

The Kids Hanging Tear Drop Pods offer a cool and comfortable quiet space for your kids to hangout! The fun and versatile tear drop shape makes it a comfortable place for children to chill out in, or cozy up with a sensory toy or book. It's a great space for calming or relaxing after a hectic day at kinder or school. 

The Tear Drop Pod can be used in a hammock chair stand or as a standalone resource installed very close to the floor, so young kids can get in and out of it by themselves. Recommended height off the ground is 30 cm to 1 m.

Durable and cozy. Made from cotton and comes in a range of colours. The pod comes with an inflatable cushion which is attached to the hanging pod.

We have spare replacement cushions available for purchase separately if required.

Suitable for ages:

  • This resource is recommended for kids aged between approximately 2 to 7 years.
  • Should be used with adult supervision.

Weight capacity:

  • 80 kg weight capacity


  • 150cm x 70cm


  • 1 x pod (select colour from drop down menu).
  • Attachments for hanging.

Please note: if installing as a stand alone resource it is important to work with a suitably qualified handyman for assistance with installing to a beam. If installing to a beam you need to take care to ensure the beam is stable and can hold the weight of the chair when in use. The manufacturer suggests first assessing the wooden beam for suitability, then drilling a hole to install a hook in the beam for the pod to attach to. If attaching to a beam and there's no hook on the beam some additional manual labour is needed to assemble using attachments included. Recommended height off the ground is 30 cm to 1 m.