Kids' Seat Protector

The Kids' Seat Protector by Brolly Sheets assists with toileting accidents on the go. Ideal for leaky nappies or potty training. Take the drama out of accidents when you're out and about. Seat Protectors are easy to use, change and clean. Simply sit the protector on top of your car seat and thread the buckle through the gap. If using with booster seats, prams or high chairs, simply sit the Protector on top.

Absorbent and waterproof, these protectors are also great for coming home from swimming at the pool or beach. Even great for catching dripping ice creams in summer, or spilt drinks.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • 100% Cotton Top for Comfort
  • Easy to Use, Change & Clean
  • Peace of Mind for Parents and Carers when out in the community or travelling
  • Dimensions 32 cm x 36 cm
  • Please check with your car seat manufacturer about using a car seat protector