LegiLiner Self-Inking Roller Stamp - 24 mm Handwriting Lines

LegiLiner self-inking stamps make handwriting practice a breeze. Easily create defined dashed spaces on blank paper for handwriting practice. This roller stamp quickly draws a precise dashed line with spaces that helps demonstrate how to leave a space between words. If turned upside down, it creates a long handwriting line that is 24mm tall with a solid baseline.  

The 24mm stamp is most helpful for the younger years or when practicing how to neatly define individual letters. It is also a great visual prompt when learning to place a space between words. 

Designed in the US by a school-based Occupational Therapist (OT), this self-inking stamp is an ideal tool for supporting a multi-sensory approach to prewriting and beginner writing skills required for writer readiness.


  • Ideal for Prep-6 writing readiness practice worksheets
  • Easily create 24mm dashed handwriting lines
  • Refillable: Uses large (2 ml) LegiLiner ink refill pods


  • Complete portable solution- use anytime, anywhere
  • Non-smudging ink that dries within seconds
  • Quickly draw handwriting lines in workbooks, on worksheets or any paper
  • Saves money – durable, long lasting case with refillable ink