Light Up Drawing Board


These light up drawing boards are sure to capture the imagination and creativity of anyone who uses them. We love these boards as they are a fun and motivating way to encourage even the most reluctant of writers to pick up a pen and have a go.

These boards are made using a special material that glows when it comes into contact with UV light. No batteries or cords required to activate the board! Simply move the UV pen over the board to create glowing pieces of art. Each board also comes with a set of stencils that make a captivating addition to the set. Move the light over the stencil to transfer the picture to your light up board. 

To make it easier for writers at all levels, we've included 2 UV pen lights with each board. One of the pens needs to have the small button pressed down to activate the light. The other pen has a switch to keep the UV light shining at all times. Allows for even the smallest of hands to enjoy the light up magic. Lines and drawings fade after a few minutes.

Boards are available in two sizes to suit individual needs and skills.

How they work:

  • Turn on the UV light at the top of the pen provided (hold button or turn on switch)
  • Begin to create your artwork
  • The UV light will make drawings appear on the light board 
  • Drawings will begin to fade in a few minutes
  • To create more invisible magical pictures, use the felt texta to draw on the board and then reveal your artwork by shining the UV light over it


  • Light Up Drawing Board (A4 or A3)
  • 2 UV pens
  • Stencils

Available in two sizes:

  • A4 (21 x 30 cm)
  • A3 (30 x 42 cm)