Mini Squishy Fidgets Twin Pack

The mini squishy fidgets twin packs are AMAZING small, palm-sized squishies. Suitable for all hand sizes and small enough to fit into your pocket. Soft stress balls full of high-quality non-toxic foam that gives these balls a really wonderfully soft and squishy feel. Want to know how they feel? Think big marshmallow or cloud of softness that moves in your hand as you fidget with it. Honestly, these are the best squishies you may come across for both adults and kids.

The legends at Kaiko Fidgets had these made specifically. They recognise the need for small discreet sensory tools, and having one that is super soft yet small was something they couldn't find elsewhere. 

Not only are they great for calming, they're also a fun way to work on fine motor development and hand function and strength.

Please note: It is possible with rough handling to break these balls quickly. Those who like to test the boundaries of their sensory range WILL break these balls. We do not recommend these balls for anyone who prefers a rough fidget or who bites resources, as they will not last.

Not suitable for kids under the age of years, or for those who may try to bite or chew. Avoid aggressive squishing and poking with fingers. DO not poke other objects into the ball.