My Burrow - stretchy safe space (Medium - Black)

My Burrow is a fantastic new resource that has been designed for children to provide a wonderful sensory experience. My Burrow creates a safe space for kids to move or relax in and provides sensory input without being restrictive. They can fit snuggly and safely inside and use it as a safe space for reading or playing quietly when things get a bit too much. 

Each My Burrow is designed so kids can access freely. My Burrow is great for assist with motor skill development, as children can crawl, creep slide and slither through the burrow. As they use the burrow they can develop skills like bilateral coordination, core strength, body awareness and gross motor skills. 
My Burrow is a great resource for home, school, kinder or the clinic setting. It is available in three sizes to suit your needs:

For little people and little spaces - check out the Bilby

Use the 'Bilby' My Burrow like a weighted blanket. It is perfect during floor time when a child finds it hard to sit still but is learning to stay with the group. Self-regulation is hard when there is a lot going on in a busy classroom which can result in sensory overload. Some children need a space to call their own. 
Size: Small (100cm x 150cm)

For small groups and big moves - check out the Quoll

The 'Quoll' is ideal for kids who like to stretch and move, when the 'Wombat' is too big for the space.  With a firm attachment the quoll is suitable for 2 small children to use together and for big movements.  This size allows for stretching out like a starfish.  
Size: Medium (150cm x 150cm)


Safe: Meets Australian Toy safety and flammability standards; children can access it independently and they are non-restrictive.
Flexible: Easy storage and anchoring options.
Tough: Kid proof durability and stretch capacity.
Colour: Available in Black or Purple (select from drop down menu) - 
The black fabric is slightly heavier and is designed for older children who like deeper proprioceptive feedback. The dark purple is slightly lighter, letting in more light and we recommend that for younger children. 


  1. Use only under capable supervision.
  2. Not for use if individuals have health limitations or injuries.
  3. Please read the instructions for care and use carefully.

Instructions for Use:
‘My Burrow’ utilises hooks along its underside to attach to loop pile carpet (note: does not work on cut pile carpet - most commercial carpets are loop pile).
It's able to be easily pulled up, re-used and readjusted over again.
‘My Burrow’ will lie flat on the surface but the stretch fabric should not be taut.
Different users prefer different amounts of resistive feedback but do not stretch the fabric when positioning. Press the hook strip firmly into the carpet along each side so that it is secure.

A part of the appeal for some children is that ‘My Burrow’ is an exciting space.
Invite, entice but never force a user into the space. 
When releasing ‘My Burrow’ from the carpet always pull up from the outer corners of the HOOK strip. Pulling it from the stretchy fabric may damage the stitching.

Store ‘My Burrow’ by joining the 2 hook strips and pressing them firmly together. Then fold, roll and store.

What if I don’t have loop carpet?
The manufacturer is currently designing other versions of ‘My Burrow’ to be utilised on different surfaces.

Washing Instructions
To avoid damage to the fabric by the Hook, join the Hook strips together, keeping them together throughout the washing and drying process. Keep them away from the spandex as much as possible.
Hand wash separately in cold water, mild detergent and lay flat to dry, do not wring. No bleach, iron or dry clean. Do not rub fabric together. Keep item separate as bright and dark colours may bleed.
Always follow our ‘Instructions for Use’ and ‘Wash Instructions’ to prolong the life of the product. We will not cover damage caused by the hook rubbing against the fabric, improper care, accidents or natural breakdown of materials over extended time and use.