My Feelings Matter Book

The My Feelings Matter book was created from the heart by Sara, the gorgeous mother of Hudson a.k.a. "Huddy". Huddy has Autism and because of this communicating about feelings can be hard for him and is something that he has been working on with his mum. Sharing how he is feeling has not come easy and has been the cause of many hard days over the years, but the good news is that through working on this he has absolutely thrived!

Sara believes that all children want to share how they are feeling but just don't have the skills or know where to start. Often we adults don't either. This book was written to help parents, teachers, therapists and carers to help children identify, name and learn about feelings. 

Visual images like the friendly and simple illustrations created for this book by Tamara Hackett are a great place to start when it comes to learning about emotions. 


Sara Stace


Tee Pee Learning

Number of pages:

59 pages

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