My First Feelings Chart

My First Feelings Chart is a colourful and clear visual support to compliment the Feelings and Me story, or to be used as a stand alone resource.

This gorgeous and vibrant emotions chart has been designed especially to help toddlers and pre-schoolers learn about feelings.  Illustrated with expressive animals, it is a fun and educational way to help your pre-schooler develop emotional literacy.

Ideal for children with autism or language delays.  Great for parents, therapists and teachers. Display on the wall or fridge as a handy reference when talking about feelings. 

We love this chart because it can also be used with the Zones of Regulation materials, or as an early introduction before kids move on to the more complex Zones materials. The colours on this chart correspond to the Zones Colours!


  • Designed by Australian Psychologist Julie Dini
  • Printed on quality 250 gsm paper and laminated
  • Printed in Australia