Ocean Wave Projector

This ocean wave projector creates a calming and mesmerising sensory environment. Great for use in a dark room, dark den, sensory space or calming area. The projector is able to display 7 Colourful light modes for different effects and feelings. In addition to the light display, the projector also has a self-contained music function with 4 sounds to choose from. In-built sounds can be muted if preferred, or you can play your own music through the projector by plugging in your phone, computer, tablet or via the card port. Easy to operate with a range of functions. 


  • Create your own underwater paradise with this remote-controlled ocean wave projector! With color-changing lights and a mini speaker, you can relax and let the calming waves wash over you. (Just don't forget your snorkel!)

  • With 12 LED beads and 7 lighting modes, easily relax and unwind with the click of a button. Transform any room into a calming oasis.

  • This unique device features a TIMER FUNCTION, allowing you to select from 3 Auto-Off timer options (1H/2H/4H) to set and forget. Say goodbye to interrupting your relaxation to turn it off - the device will do it for you!

  • Fall asleep to gentle melodies (via built-in speaker or TF card) and wake up feeling refreshed. This device is perfect for relaxation or sparking your creativity. Let the soothing waves wash over you.
  • Enjoy the calming sounds of six natural melodies, including the soothing sounds of the ocean, birds, and more. Perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere. (Music to your ears, quite literally!)


  • Ocean wave projector
  • USB cord
  • Aux cord
  • Remote control


  • 126 x 126 x 105 mm