Therapy Putty (85g)




Therapy putty provides a great opportunity for exercises to strengthen intrinsic hand muscles as part of a home, school or therapy program. 

Stretch it, pull it, poke it, hide objects in it to promote development of pincer grasp and use as a general fidget tool to facilitate attention and concentration. It won't stick to clothing, carpet, hair or the floor.

This is a fabulous resource for people who like to fidget with their hands while trying to help them concentrate on a task, or people who love to play with Blue Tac!

Available in three strengths for recommended ages: 

Firm (blue): 7+ years old

Medium (green): 4-7 years old

Soft (orange): 3-4 years old

Very Soft (yellow): under 3 years

Comes in plastic storage container.  Adult supervision recommended.