Sometimes I Feel Anxious

Sometimes I Feel Anxious is the perfect book for helping kids learn to manage anxiety and build resilience. Recognising and understanding emotions and feelings in ourselves and others is an important life skill. Feelings like butterflies in your stomach, the anxiety of going to big school, or joining a sporting team for the first time can be challenging and confusing.

Learning about their own feelings helps children to empathise, communicate and connect. Often times children can struggle to find the words to talk about how they feel. This book helps them build the vocabulary to express themselves more effectively.

We love this book as it features:

  • Examples throughout the story: characters show children what feelings and emotions are
  • Understanding: the story shows how and why these feelings happen
  • Recognising: the story prompts children to reflect on their own feelings and those of others
  • Developing: the story looks at appropriate coping mechanisms and effective ways of managing feelings




Learning Can Be Fun

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