Squishy Water Orbs Shark

This Squishy Water Orbs Shark is an icky, sticky, squishy shark filled with tiny orbs.

Use the shark sensory toy in many ways  - fidget with it in your hands, squish it, stretch it, or even make it splat. A fun sensory toy for those who enjoy fidgeting. Kids and adults who like squishy textures will particularly enjoy this shark. Shark makes a squelching noise when squeezed.

If the shark becomes too tacky you can clean him with warm soapy water to make freshen him up!

Please note: this is not recommended for intense fidgeting or squeezing. If you like to squeeze super hard, bite sensory toys, or prefer a high level of sensory input we would suggest a more durable fidget better suited to hard fidgeting.

Size: approx 22 x 5 x 5 cm

The manufacturer recommends suitable for ages three years and up.