Swiss Ball - 55 cm Blue

Swiss balls are a fantastic resource for children, adolescents and adults who seek movement. They can be used in a range of ways at home, in the classroom or even at work.

Gym balls can be used interactively - children enjoy rolling, bouncing and playing on these balls with help from adults or independently if they are a little older.

Exercise balls are being used more frequently in homes, classrooms and even workplaces as an alternative to chairs. The user can bounce and move around while sitting at the table and this can help them to attend for longer periods. This means kids experience more success with table top activities. Adolescents and adults may find they are able to concentrate better and for longer.

When being used for seated or table top activities the person should be able to sit on the ball with his / her feet on the ground with hips, knees and ankles at 90o angles.

The size of the ball you need will depend on the activities or exercises the user will be doing on the ball. 

  • These Swiss balls are Latex Free
  • Maximum user weight is 136kg

  • What size Swiss Ball do I need?

    Your Height Recommended Ball Size
    155cm to 170cm 55cm ball