Swizzle Ball Chair

Sylex Ergonomics



The Swizzle Ball Chair is a secure and comfortable exercise ball seat that brings therapeutic benefits to the body. The Swizzle ball promotes movement and can be used as a chair or to exercise. Some people seek out movement and find it hard to sit still particularly during table top activities. The Swizzle Ball Chair provides an opportunity for movement whilst sitting! This can assist with attention and concentration, allowing the user to remain seated and focused for longer as they do not need to get up and move around to get the movement they need. 

With a soft bounce motion the Swizzle Ball keeps the body active, promoting balance, postural control and core stability which all can assist with attention, concentration and handwriting! The chair rotates 360 degrees.

Used by therapists and teachers around the world as the active motion has proven to help some people to focus.

Please check seat size to ensure suitability. 

520mm (H) x 500mm (W) x 500mm (D)

The Swizzle ball is available in two bright colours (red and green).

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