Time Timer

Time Timer Silent / Audible Visual Timers provide the ability to judge how much time is left without having to know how to tell time.

These timers are one of our all time favourite resources for home, in the classroom, during therapy sessions and more. An amazing resource for helping kids, teens and adults alike to understand how much time is left, or how long until an activity is happening. For example, how much time is left for iPad play, or how long until we go to the park? Available in 3 sizes to suit a range of environments and individual needs.

The products operate with high colour resolution, large dial numbers, and ultra-quiet quartz movement. These additional features make Time Timers perfect for students with ADD, ADHD, autism and more. 

Time Timers work in both individual and group situations. With the Time Timer, users understand the passage of time and can monitor their own activities, leading to increased independence and improved self-esteem. Better time awareness also relieves the stress and anxiety of disorientation.

    Choose to use the very visual red circle only or add sound with the "beep-beep" sound to signal when time's up. Operates on "AA" batteries (not included). The time disc may be moved manually in either direction and can be set at any point on the face. 

    Time Timer Features:

    • Dry erase card which fits in a slot on top of the timer to create time/task management in one location and/or develop a visual schedule

    • Improved and updated internal componentry to increase reliability and durability

    • Clinically Proven & Trusted - This is the original visual timer, invented over 25 years ago by Jan Rogers. Proven through years of experience, in addition to clinical research, the Time Time helps everyone, of all ages and abilities, "see" time, therefore increasing focus and self-regulation

    • Free Time Timer Desktop App Download

    Time Timer 3”: an ideal 60-minute countdown timer for individuals or small groups. The visual timer has a clear protective cover that flips over to serve as a desktop stand -  perfect for a student’s workspace at home or in the classroom, or on your desk, whether in the office or in a work-from-home space. Help stay on track with their education plans during at-home learning or while on-the-go by throwing into a purse, luggage, or backpack. Keep yourself on track in meetings or focused during big projects. Comes with a soft grey cloth carrying bag for storing or toting the timer and/or Dry Erase Activity Cards. Ideal for older kids, adults, or therapists or teachers that travel between students. 

    Time Timer 8": Sized perfectly for table tops, whiteboards, or small group settings. Ideal for Small to Medium-sized groups or rooms. Help keep your child on track with their education plans during at-home learning or keep it in the background of a Zoom Meeting or Google Classroom virtual learning environment to help everyone stay on track. Magnetic and Stand-Alone! Strong magnets allow the Time Timer 8" to be displayed on a white board, fridge, filing cabinet, or any metallic surface, but it can also stand alone or hang on the wall.
    Time Timer 12":The 12" timers are designed to be freestanding or wall-mounted for classroom and group activities. The large size and bold numerals make this timer easier to read for visually impaired users.
      Magnetic and Stand-Alone! Strong magnets allow the Time Timer 12" to be displayed on a white board, fridge, filing cabinet, or any metallic surface, but it can also stand alone or hang on the wall.

    These Time Timers are an essential resource for every classroom to assist with anxiety levels, help with transitioning and for students to develop awareness about the passage of time.