Time Timer MOD & Magnetic Dry Eraser Board Pack

These Time Timer MOD & Magnetic Dry Eraser Board Packs  are one of our absolute favourite resources. They combine the benefits of time timers with a visual schedule for the ultimate organisation and time management tool. 

Create quick and simple visual schedules or task analysis boards on the board by writing, drawing, using magnets, or a combination of each. Step up or down to suit the individual user's understanding and needs. The MOD Timer fits into the board to help keep track of time for each task, the whole activity or however suits at the time. So incredibly versatile.


  • Combined unit including a Time Timer ® MOD visual timer in Charcoal Grey
  • Storage for magnets / pens included in back of board
  • Dry Erase markers not included


  • Learn to understand the abstract concept of time
  • Stay on task and maintain focus
  • Better understand when its time to finish or how much time is left for a task
  • Help reduce stress and anxiety

Suitable for:

  • Classrooms
  • Individual use on a desk at work or school
  • Therapy sessions
  • Home
  • Anyone who benefits from visual supports to better understand their day