Visual Edge Slant Board

The Visual Edge Slant Board is designed to provide the ideal working surface with an angle of 22 degrees from horizontal, while its two collapsible legs make it portable and discrete. The folding legs will lock in the extended position making it very stable then fold flat for compact storage.

The Visual Edge Slant Board measures 12" x 17" and will easily fit into a 2-inch wide space. A convenient book catch at the bottom holds any size book while the new Dual Paper Clips at the top hold individual papers securely. With all these beneficial features your Visual Edge Slant Board still only weighs around 700 grams! 

The board surface is also dry erase and Magnetic for accomplishing direct "on board" tasks, with a lovely calming blue colour on the back. The clips at the top hold work firmly to the board and the removable "book catch" at the bottom allows for ease of reading any book or for unobstructed writing.

The book catch can be removed and stored at the top of the board with velcro (included). Save paper by using the dry erase surface to do maths and spelling homework or any other repetitive writing tasks. Magnets can be used for games, puzzles, or just to hold a note to the board.  Another great idea is using part of the board to display a visual schedule (either drawn on or stuck with magnets). 

Visual Edge Slant Board Benefits:

  • Better Visual Tracking
  • Improved Posture
  • Reduced Eye Fatigue
  • Better Penmanship
  • Less Wrist Cramping
  • Better Comprehension
  • Reduced Heart Rate
  • Lower Blood Pressure

Please note: spare parts (legs and book catches) are now also available to purchase separately here.