Wild Dough Playdough

Sunset Orange 280g (Orange scented)
Neon Pink 280g (raspberry scented)
Rudolph Red 280g (raspberry scented)
Neon Yellow 280g (passionfruit scented)
Pacific Blue 280g (blueberry scented)
Neon Green 280g (apple scented)
Galaxy Black (with glitter) 280g
Christmas Tree 280g (Toffee Apple Scented)
Gingerbread 280g


This playdough is handmade in Melbourne and really took off as a craze during covid lockdown. We just had to get in on it!

Wild Dough Playdough is wonderfully coloured, long-lasting, luxuriously soft, and deliciously scented. The galaxy black even contains glitter - love some sparkles!

Wild Dough provides a fabulous sensory experience for little (or big) hands whilst also supporting the development of fine motor skills. Your kids will love squeezing, poking, pinching, squashing, and patting it.

 There are lots to love about Wild Dough:

  • Smells Amazing 
  • Non-toxic ingredients
  • Perfectly soft for little hands
  • Lasts easily for 6 months
  • Developed by a local mum for her own kids
  • Large 280g jar, enough for the ultimate sensory and play experience
  • Handmade in Melbourne, Australia
  • Eco-friendly PET jars - durable and lightweight

Therapists' tips:

  • We love it because it also encourages development in other areas like creativity and even language skills
  • Use individually or in a group - practice social skills like sharing and turn-taking
  • Roll long snakes and sausages then cut them into smaller pieces to practice scissor skills
  • Hide small beads and buttons to search for them, encouraging pincer grasp for developing pencil grip

Available in 7 beautiful colours - choose your favourite or take all of them!

Age recommendation 3+yrs. Wild Dough is a toy and not recommended for consumption. Parent supervision required.