Sensory Toys for Autism

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My Diffability was established in 2011 by Speech Pathologist Renee and Occupational Therapist Tarryn. The dynamic duo joined forces to create a supportive and helpful online service for kids, teens adults, families, teachers and other professionals. My Diffability aims to provide access to a wide range of developmental, learning, social and interactive resources for kids, families and adults for home, school, work and more.

My Diffability supplies resources directly to families, NDIS participants, specialists, schools, kindergartens and various professional services Australia wide.

What is an Autism Sensory Toy?

An Autism Sensory toy is designed to help with self regulation, by stimulating the senses or reducing sensory overload.

All our resources are assessed by our OT before landing on our online store, to ensure they support sensory regulation. We aim to provide a clear description of each of the resource's purposes, as well as who they might benefit and how they can be used to gain the most benefit.

Popular Autism Sensory Toys

Our range of Autism sensory toys and resources has been carefully curated by our speech pathologist and OT team. Our popular products in this collection include our Magnetic Fidget Rings, Bloom Stools and our Magnetic Writing and Drawing Board.

What to put in a sensory kit for Autism?

Putting together a sensory kit of key items can a offer a great grab and go resource, for home, out and about or in the classroom. Customise to suit your individual needs, considering items such as Fidgets, items that provide sensory input for soothing such as the handheld vibrating massager, and (for those who like to chew), items to help calm and self regulate like the colourful Chew Tags.