Body Socks

Body Socks (or happy sacks as they are sometimes known) are made with Nylon / Elastene; a wonderfully stretchy fabric that the user can climb into and then walk, run, jump, or crawl for sensory, deep pressure input or for finding a quiet spot to calm and feel secure.  These Body socks are velcro free, so no scratchy feeling of unpleasant noises during use.

Sensory, proprioceptive and vestibular exploration is provided while having lots of fun! The socks feature a specially designed front closure, which allows for independent entry and exit. 

Available in green.

Small:  1m in length (usually suitable for preschool aged children)
Medium:  1.2m in length (usually suitable for children around 5/6 - 7/8 years)
Large:   1.4m in length (usually suitable for 7/8 - 12 year olds)
X-Large:  1.6m in length (usually suitable for 12 + year olds)