Lycra Bed Sheets - Single Bed Aqua

Lycra Bed Sheets can be helpful in a similar way to weighted products. The sheets provide deep pressure while laying down to help the over stimulated nervous system to ‘calm down’ ready for sleep. 

They provide an environment for the child to gain the sensory input they are craving through resistance as they climb underneath and stretch the bed sheet with their body, arms and legs in all different directions.  

These Lycra Bed Sheets are unique as the bottom section is not closed off, so the child can also use it like a tunnel – crawling through from one end to another. 

The bed sheets are made from a nylon lycra, just like swimwear. Cotton lycra is not used, as it doesn't have anywhere near the amount of resistance unfortunately to provide the sensory input.

Sizing Guide / rough measurements
We measured the lycra sheets lying flat on a bench to give a rough estimate of dimensions at rest. Please remember lycra is a very stretchy fabric - we do not measure the fabric being stretched. 
These sheets are designed to fit mattresses with a depth no greater than 24cm.   

Single bed: length 1640 mm  x width 710 mm - Mattress depth 24cm