Bag Tag Set

Bag Tags are innovative, durable and powerful tools in providing helpful reminders to those who need it. Simply attach the relevant tags to your bag or pencil case for easy access. These visual supports are a fantastic tool for encouraging independence, assisting with organisation and providing helpful reminders during times of anxiety. They can even serve as accessible communication prompts for those who need it. 

School Kids' Set:

The essential set for young school goers, reminding them what they need to pack for school and what they need to bring back home.

Each set includes:

  • 1 x leather strap (black)
  • 10 tags: Bottle, Homework, Jumper, Sport, Hat, Lunch Box, Library, Reader, Show and Tell, Emergency Contact

Anxiety Set:

Features helpful visual reminders for support during times of anxiety. Provide ideas for ways to remain calm and regulated throughout the day.

Each set includes:

  • 1 x leather strap (black)
  • 12 tags: Deep breathe, Ask for a hug, Distractions, Drink water, Music, Engage senses, Use your hands, Talk it out, Write it out, Go for a walk, Water Play, XOXO

Communication Set:

Specifically developed for people who are nonverbal, have limited language skills or find verbal communication difficult in certain situations. These tags aim to help people communicate important messages to others.

Each set includes:

  • 1 x leather strap (black)
  • 12 tags: I need a break, I need help, I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, Can I have more?, I need to move, Can I have quiet?, Can you say it again?, I need space, Stop / wait, I need the toilet, I don’t understand

Adult Set:

The ideal set for teens and adults, featuring visuals for reminding what is needed for the day.

Each set includes:

  • 1 x leather strap (black)
  • 12 tags:, Keys, Money, Phone, Laptop, Shopping, Watch, Bottle, Keep cup, Lunchbox, Glasses, Medication, Appointment

Emotions Set:

These tags are designed to help you communicate with others how you are feeling.

Each set includes:

  • 8 tags: I’m feeling anxious, I’m feeling cold, I’m feeling hot, I’m feeling confused, I’m feeling frustrated, I’m feeling sad, I’m feeling sick, I’m feeling tired

The science behind the tags:

  • Different colours help make each tag instantly recognisable and assists with memory recall. The use of colour helps us to remember information by increasing our level of attention. Colour has the potential to increase our chances of storing, encoding and retrieving information successfully.
  • We include visuals which are easy to identify and interpret. Visuals help us to better retrieve and remember information.
  • Our tags go with you, constantly reminding you of what you need to remember. It is not a list which stays on the fridge, not to be seen once you leave the house. Remindables help develop independent thinking, decrease potential anxiety and build confidence.


  • 35 mm high x 43 mm wide x 0.6 mm thick

Additional Straps can be purchased here