Hourglass Sand Timer

Hourglass Sand Timers are such a versatile resource to assist with managing time and behaviour at home and in the classroom. We love these sand timers because they come in three fun colourful designs and sizes, with different times for each to suit the activity and individual user's needs. 

Timers are a useful resource to help kids learn to understand the complex and abstract concept of time. Hourglass timers provide a clear visual aid to support this understanding. Judge how much time is left by the amount of sand left in the top of the timer. Once all the sand falls to the bottom - time's up! 

Sand Timers assist with:

  • Managing tricky transition times
  • Developing an understanding of time
  • Managing behaviour, attention and concentration
  • Understanding how much time is left for a particular activity
  • Understanding how much time until the next activity begins
  • Managing anxiety and stress
  • Increasing independence

Available in 3 styles:

  • Small Purple (5 minutes)
  • Medium Blue (10 minutes)
  • Large Orange (30 minutes)

Timer dimensions and features:

  • Small: 64 x 54 x 120 mm H
  • Medium: 84 x 74 x 160 mm H
  • Large: 154 x 136 x 300mm H
  • Timer outer is made from a durable plastic