TalkiPlay Extra 'Smart' Stickers – pack of 10

Loving your TalkiPlay device and keen to extend your child's learning opportunities? Grab yourself an extra bundle of "smart" stickers to extend your child's new words and learning potential. These stickers attach to real everyday objects around the house. There is no need to buy fancy new toys... with TalkiPlay 'smart' stickers every item of furniture or toy is a new opportunity for speech and language learning.

3M backing makes them hard for little hands to remove, but easy for adults to remove with handy removal instructions.

Each "smart" sticker is multi game use. For example, a sticker placed on a toy dinosaur will work in three different TalkiPlay games - HUNT, EXPLORE and SMART.


  • 10 x Smart stickers 

 Please note: TalkiPlayer speaker not included in this set