TalkiPlay Starter Kit

TalkiPlay is designed for parents who want to help their child develop better language and social skills. It is recommended by speech therapists as a go to home practice tool for parents. Whether you’re waiting for a diagnosis or needing extra support between therapy sessions the TalkiPlay Starter Kit is here to help.

The TalkiPlay Starter Kit features everything you need to kickstart your child’s communication journey. It includes one TalkiPlay speaker in a sleeping bag, the charging cord, one wooden rainbow set of ‘smart’ stickers and 12 additional ‘smart’ stickers that you can use with your toys to extend your child’s vocabulary further.

Parents will also need to download the TalkiPlay app to activate the device and program the tags.

Starter Kit Includes:

  • 1 x TalkiPlayer device – I’m cute, yellow and I am your child’s hand-held speech & language guide to take home and keep
  • 1 x Wooden Rainbow Set
  • 1x TalkiPlayer recharge cord
  • 1x TalkiPlayer protective bag
  • 12 x Extra smart stickers
  • 1 x TalkiPlayer companion app free to track your child’s progress
  • 1 x TalkiPlay game token to unlock the next speech game of your choice for free

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