7 Sensory Stimulation Activities for Seniors

Who says that it’s just the kids that have all the fun?

Steve from Senior Style - a store dedicated to improving the lives of seniors through the provision of affordable clothing, resources and gifts has produced this guest post to help you learn about how some of our awesome sensory resources can also be enjoyed by Seniors.

Why are sensory resources good for seniors?

The benefits of using sensory resources for seniors are numerous. Some of these include: 

  • Reducing stress and agitation
  • Increasing hand strength
  • Maintaining independence
  • Improving focus and concentration, and
  • Reducing confusion

Therapy Putty

Need to strengthen up your hands?

Therapy putty is a fun resource for elderly people to use to strengthen their hands. Roll it, flick it, stretch it or flatten it. I bet you’ve never felt a texture as amazing as this before.

Squish Colour Ball

Get ready to have your socks blown off.

This coloured ball encased in mesh looks rather normal and much like any other ball that you might have seen before, until that is… you give it a big squeeze. Your senses will be heightened to the max! 

Time Timer Plus

A clock with a difference.

For people living with dementia becoming disorientated and losing track of time can be very distressing. Some people may lose their concept of time and the ability to read a clock and this can increase their agitation and confusion.

This clever clock is a visual aid with a large display that indicates how much time is remaining until the next task/activity. There is no need to be able to read or understand numbers with this clock. The red display will get smaller as the time elapses and the next activity or task draws closer. 


Are you looking for a low cost, low resistance way to increase your strength?

There is information all over the internet about how seniors are exercising using theraband. It can provide a whole body work out and improve strength and conditioning. It’s a great resource for seniors because it’s lightweight, portable and low cost. Check with a physiotherapist, doctor or occupational therapist to see if this product will be right for you.

Bike Chain Fidget

The Harley Davidson of fidgets – supreme quality, tough as nails and very appealing to men!

When people purchase fidget items for ageing people they can be concerned that they are too childlike, or appear like they are playing with toys. This bike chain fidget is a real winner – no one would guess that you were using it to self-stimulate as you twirl, twist and manipulate it.

Write weight

Just place it on the end of your pen or pencil and go!

This product is ideal for helping older people with hand tremors to be able to continue writing.

If you are looking for other sensory products that you or your loved one will enjoy, have a look through the rest of our sensory items collection or pop over to Senior Style and see how they might be able to help.