Sound School Program


Sound School is a program for teaching foundation literacy and Phonological awareness skills to children 2 years and over. Designed by an Australian Speech Pathologist, this program is fun, friendly and relevant.

Sound School teaches letter-sounding association by using:

• letter-characters
• auditory awareness of speech sounds
• articulatory cueing

Sound School Book

Explores the speech sounds corresponding to 20 consonants, 5 short vowels and 4 digraphs. The order in which the letter sounds are introduced, follows developmental acquisition of speech sounds and allows children to begin building words as early as possible.

Meet teacher Molly and her class in the Sound School educational story book. Miss Molly will introduce young learners to the first 29 letters and sounds needed for future reading and writing success.

Each letter is an original character and the corresponding letter sound can be heard on the interactive sound board. The book has adjustable volume as well as an on/off button to ensure a longer battery life. 

The book can be used alone, or with the sound school cards (sold separately) for a complete program. Learning sounds and letters doesn't have to seem like hard work!

Sound School Cards

The character cards, character-letter cards and letter cards are designed specifically to help scaffold the process of learning letter shapes and matching sounds. The three graded steps ensure an easy transition from character pictures to full letter identification. These cards ensure that your child feels at ease and confident while learning their sounds and letters. 

Cards are designed to be used with the Sound School Book.